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We provide excellence in general dental care. Your diagnostic information is collected and studied. A treatment plan is presented, informing you what is needed, why, how long it takes and how much it costs. You have a diagnostic opinion of all aspects of your oral health, from teeth, gums, bone, bite and Smile evaluation.

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Dentist in Weston

"I am very grateful to the people at Unique Dental Care. My tooth chipped while I was eating chicken wings one night and the next morning I called the Weston office and got an appointment right away.

The staff was very nice and accommodating. The dentist fixed my tooth and it is as good as new."

Thank you Unique Dental Care.
George F.


I lost a tooth and made an appointment right away at Unique Dental Care in Weston, FL. They informed me that I would need a root canal procedure and then have a bridge put in it could have been a pretty traumatic experience for me but the staff made it so comfortable for me and held my hand through the whole experience.

I would recommend Unique Dental Care to anyone who needed excellent dental care.

Thank you.
Maria V.


I had a really bad toothache and I called Unique Dental Care and they gave me an appointment that same day the Weston office is very close to my home so I was able to get there promptly. After the initial examination the dentist decided my tooth was in such bad shape that he would have to pull it out. He was so gentle with me I didn't even feel it happening. I went back later and had a crown put in. The staff at Unique Dental Care is so professional and friendly and I highly recommend them.

Thank you. Fredrick L.


The space between my front teeth had bothered me my whole life. I finally got the courage to make an appointment with a dentist and called Unique Dental Care in Weston, FL and I have been so grateful since then that I finally dealt with this problem. The dentist bonded my teeth and made them the exact color of the rest of my teeth, you can't even tell that there ever was a space there now. Thank you so much for giving me my new attitude in life.

Melissa P.